Inconsistent leather quality with Gustto Baca?

  1. I got a Cognac Baca from active endeavors in June this year. When I received it, I was a little surprised that the leather was not very smooshy like others have described on this forum. It seemed a bit dry. I loved the style and color so I thought it was just my expectation set too high. I even tried putting leather softener from Love My Bag to see it will get softer. It did get a little better but still not smooshy. I figured that Active Endeavors is a legit and reputable seller and the bags they sell are definitely authentic and of good quality so I just persuaded myself to keep it.

    Today, I went to my local Nordstroms and found a baca in the same color as mine and the leather was just unbelievably smooshy and soft. I am in shock since my baca is not even close in its smooshiness even after I applied the conidtioner. I am dissapointed and feeling cheated because I spent over $500 on this bag and the bag I got is not of the quality I should have gotten.

    Since it has been sooo long since my purchase, not sure anything Gustto or Active Endeavor would do for me. But I just needed to vent. Anyone else have experienced the same thing? :crybaby:
  2. I bought my big baca bag from a sample sale in nyc,the leather is very good.
  3. No, I'm sorry! All my gusttos are insanely soft and smooshy. Maybe you could sell yours on eBay and get the other from Nordstrom?
  4. I guess I am the only unlucky one. Not sure if I want to sell it on eBay and risking people calling it a fake because of the leather quality. Also not sure if I want to get another one unless I see one with a color that I love. Sigh.... guess I will have to live with my own mistake of not returning the bag to Active Endeavors when my gut feeling was telling me that the leather should have been better. Well, lesson learned... won't be repeating the mistake again.

    Too bad I don't live in NY anymore, or else getting another one at the sample sale would have been nice, too...
  5. I do think with some brands you need to see them in person to know how the leather might be, Balenciaga is one of those, Gustto too.

    I am lucky in that my Baca was the smooshy leather.

    If you can still return it, do it right away.
  6. I have 2 bacas, both ebay wins. Of the 2, the caramel is definitely the most squooshy but the petrol is still incrediblely squooshy (I didn't know they could get even softer til I won the caramel). I have 3 Bulgas and 2 of them are the butterfly hobos and the amore one is way more soft than the brown one so I guess there can be some major differences in the leather from the same designer.

    Maybe you can contact AE and tell them you are not happy with the bag--you have seen others IRL and yours is sub-par? $500 is a lotta money!
  7. Thanks for your support. It has been more than 60 days since the purchased and I have used it so I doubt they will take it back, but I will make a call on Monday to AE and see if there's anything they can do. Sigh...
  8. Well maybe you could make a case that you did not know about the quality and would like to exchange it because you saw it in a store with alot better quality. It's not your fault you didnt know. They should check their bags before shipping it
  9. I have two Baca bags and they are both incredibly soft! Is there any way to authenticate the bag you bought at AE? I ask because about 6 months ago I ordered a Chloe on sale(by phone) from a NR out west and they sent me a replica bag that had been returned by a customer!!:cursing::cursing::wtf: Obviously, she purchased an authentic one, later returning a replica that she had taken the stitching out of to justify the return. No one caught it and it was later sent to the Rack. Boy, was I mad. Needless to say, I got my money back, but it wasn't easy as it was marked 'final sale'!! The same thing could have happend to you.
  10. Hi rileyroow07-I can't see anything with those bookmarks, sorry! If you have the item nos., that would work.
  11. I have a small chocolate colored Baca with black patent trim (which I am actually trying to sell since I never used it). The leather is amazingly soft. It's like a puddle! I was thinking of keeping it simply b/c the leather is so soft.

    qqyoung, I don't know if you ever contacted AE, but if you haven't, it never hurts to try. You may be surprised at their response. I think that others have posted similar leather issues, some pf members had super soft bacas while others did not have the same leather.

    I saw this first hand recently on a few hobos made by Lucky. Some of the bags were so soft and others had a harder, more firm leather. Even the same colored bags had different leather. I was happy I was able to pick the one that I wanted, but when you buy online, clearly that is not an option.
  12. Some of the Bacas were made in Mexico, with the "Made in Mexico" tag inside the bag, and some were made in China, with the "Made in China" tag inside the bag. The Mexican made ones are incredibly smooshy.

    I ordered one from Active Endeavors as well during the summer, and it was definitely authentic, but the leather was tougher. The tag inside said "Made in China". I own 2 other Bacas, both are very smooshy and made in Mexico.

    I called Gustto in California, (BTW, they have great Customer Service, and I would think of calling them). They said that they started to send some of their orders to China, as it was getting too much to handle in Mexico.

    Apparently, there was a definite difference in the leather. I did make them aware of it. I returned the one I purchased from Active Endeavors, and purchased a Cala bag that was "Made in Mexico" and it is wonderful and smooshy.

    I would try Active Endeavors and then Gustto.....Good luck!!!
  13. Hi Kemilia, thanks for your reply!!! :smile: The item numbers are:

    290179694410 and 320180469807

    Iluvmybags had some great points to make about them, and she helped me out a lot. I just wanted to get some more opinions. Thanks!
  14. Thank you for all your advice. I have not called Active Endeavors yet because I was not sure what they could do for me since so long had passed and I have used the bag. Like some of you suggested, I probably just got the bag from the batch that had tougher leather. Besides the leather, the bag looks identical to the one I found in Nordstrom. Therefore, as bag is authentic I doubt that AE or Gustto would be willing to let me exchange it if it's just a matter of leather not meeting my expectation (esp when it has been 5 months since my purchase). Sigh...