inconsistency on LV sofia coppola?

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  1. help, i'm so confused.
    i found this pic and wonder why the monogram version held by sofia have leather tag on the upper seam?

    and also on the leather version, i found this pic somewhere in march and the front leather are flat
    also this one carried by sofia is flat and the leather is different from the one in store now, the leather looks more yummy and slouchy


    is the 2 front leather stitching suppose to be fat and how fat?
    confused :sad:

  2. The luggage tag can be purchased extra to be hang on : )

    My SC is the monogram version and the strap is flat.
  3. In the first picture there are lots of prototypes, if you look closely you can see in the back a bag that kinda looks like the Carryall with very long handles...

    About the leather, it gets softer and slouchier with use, my SC cannot stand on itself anymore, the leather is really soft now...
  4. inlovewithvuitt i'm not talking bout the luggage tag, but this part

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  5. ^^I agree it could have been prototypes?
  6. Those are in fact prototypes, not all the bags from those pictures went into production, like the clutches, the leather bags also differ from the final design, or the Monogram SC with the leather tab... That photoshoot is to illustrate the process of designing the bags.


  7. ooh ok :smile:

  8. I wish they had left that little tab part's so cute in the pic! But I love my SC! Maybe one day I will get that cobalt...
  9. #9 Feb 17, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2010
    I agree! The tab looks great on the bag...

    ETenebris I'm gonna keep posting pics until you get that Cobalt too! hahaha :graucho:
  10. I found the photo I was looking for, here you can see the prototypes of the leather version ;)

  11. to think Sofia now has all those prototypes... that's a closet worth plundering haha
  12. hahaha i know... i love the prototype she wears here
  13. Mine looks like that... With use the leather will eventually get slouchier and softer. :smile:

  14. Wow,, that looks great:nuts:I wonder if the mono slouches and hangs like that once broken in:thinking:
  15. Thanks puzzlenop
    I guess the Mono SC should be as slouchy as the leather version, as it is canvas and alcantara lining, it's much lighter.
    You can ask ETenebris she has the monogram version ;)