Inconsiderate buyers

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  1. #1 Feb 20, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2010
    I' m so mad. A new TPF member, bid on my beautiful LV Damier Speedy 35 yesterday and accepted my best offer, but just changed her mind. I have seen her getting other LV handbags authenticated this morning and she must have found another LV she would rather have. She knows who she is and she just joined TPF last month. I think it's very rude and inconsiderate for people to do that. I just relisted my handbag and now I have to pay more relisting fees and I lost out on three other best offers yesterday. I cannot believe how selfish some people are. BTW it is against ebay policy to bid or accept a best offer then change your mind.
  2. Yes, it against against ebays policy to change your mind, but what can you do?

    You can send her a mutual withdrawn so you get your fees back at least. I would also give her an unpaid strike.
  3. :yahoo:
    Thank you Solidgold2. I did do a mutual withdrawl and I don't want to be mean and give her an unpaid strike. It all worked out for the best anyway, because another wonderful ebayer with perfect feedback just bid on my handbag and paid as soon as she won.
  4. It's not being mean. It's being honest and protecting other sellers. You know, if you were the buyer w/ a non-performing seller, no one would question you leaving a neg. And seeing as how you can't neg buyers, this is a truthful and honest way to warn other sellers and let them make their decisions. But if you choose to not do that, your choice.
  5. I thought you had to file a non paying bidder with ebay to give them a strike? If youve filed a mutual withdrawal doesnt it cancel out the transaction so you cant then file a NBP as well?
    Unless this has changed, I never do mutual withdrawals because I dont believe people should get away with doing that kind of thing I only ever file NPB's which results in a strike, but it used to be that you file one or the other not both so its probably too late anyway to give her a strike.

  6. I agree here. I don't think you can do both. However give her a UPI strike if you can. If she gets 2 she won't be able to do it to others of us who block those kind of buyers.
  7. I don't think I can do a NBP either, now that we did a mutual withdrawal. I wanted to get my seller fees back and I thought this was the best way.
  8. Sorry, but she deserved the NPB strike. You could still get your seller fees back by requesting a refund. Ebay gives them.
  9. Sorry to hear about your buyer troubles! Since you had other offers, I would contact those interested buyers and let them know that your buyer backed out and that the bag will be back up for sale. Maybe you can still get it sold quickly.
  10. Buyers remorse and not very nice at that..

    BLOCK her and you won't have to deal with that in the future..
  11. Thank you. Yes, I seem to be having so many buyer troubles recently. I have been selling on ebay for over 4 years and it's just been recently that I have had buyer troubles. I did block this buyer from ever bidding on any of my items again. I did luck out, because another wonderful ebayer bid on my handbag as soon as I relisted it at the original offer price and she paid as soon as she won. :yahoo:
  12. Your right. I know it's buyers remorse. She emailed me this morning and said she had to back out and could not pay for the LV handbag, because her husband got a flat tire this morning and she couldn't afford to pay. It's buyers remorse or she found another LV at a lower price. I did block her, so I don't have to deal with her again.
  13. ^^ This seems to be a flat tire morning. my bf just got a flat tire too! He needed to buy new tires anyway, so this forces him to.
    Glad to hear that you have another buyer lined up already!
  14. Thank you Txgirlie. I'm sorry to hear your bf got a flat tire too.

    Here's her email she sent to me this morning through ebay messages:

    "Hey can you cancel the transaction sorry for the inconvience I eeally wanted the bag my darn husband popped his tire sorry"
  15. Can I still give her an NPB strike?