Incompatible w Spicy food? after effects?

  1. recently i've been more adventurous and trying spicy stuff that i usually avoid....

    i find that most of the time, my eyes start to get that clogged up sensation... like it's mildly hurting... pressure... like the feeling when you're having a bag flu

    Anyone else experience this?

    i think i should stay away from spicy foods..... Hmmmmm:idea:
  2. My mom's friend ate at Taco Bell and used the spiciest sauce they had on whatever it was she ate. She passed out and had to go to the ER....totally imcompatible with the hot sauce. Be careful!

    I love spicey foods, I pay for it later (if ya know what I mean).

    Mr. Nike Golf ate some peppers a couple of weeks ago and was complaining the next day, apparently the heat survives stomach acid. LOL