Incoming Gold Reissue Question

  1. I know that there's this Gold Reissue that's going to be out this incoming Fall. In particular, this color... But do you guys know if this is going to be released in size 226 too? Or only on size 227? Because I wanted this reissue in 226... Than 227...

  2. it's going to be released in the 226 and 227 only in the US... prices are so expensive though!! A 226 is now 2395$US and the 227 is 2475$US
  3. ITA... prices have skyrocketed!! :push: I'm so glad I found my dark silver 226 at the more "reasonable" price ages ago. :sweatdrop: Rica - I hope you get the 226 if that's the size you want... I'd suggest getting on a list if possible. :smile:
  4. Thanks guys! I'm already on the list.. With the help of our fellow member sweetsparkle! Phoned & e-mailed bergofgoodman (is that how you spell it?! forgot.. LOL) and SA said they will e-mail me once they receive the handbag already. Can't wait though!! I'm not sure still... WHEN EXACTLY??? will this be out.. I hope by the end of this month! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  5. Oh and yeah... I love the color of its gold rather than the previous ones! Why? Makes me want to eat it.. It looks like the wrapping of a Cadbury Chocolate.. Hehe! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: