Inclusions On Eluxury

  1. Wow- they have a lot of inclusion items!!! They are under "Costume Jewelry"

    :nuts: :yahoo:
  2. So very tempted to buy an inclusion bracelet.... but I really shouldn't! Ahh!
  3. I traded for my clear inclusion bracelet & I gotta tell you, it's easy to wear & fun to look at. Once you get one, you'll be on the lookout for another!
  4. I know! I'm SO excited.. I just bought a Bubble Ring!
  5. oooh! *crosses fingers* I hope they have some of those items left by Tuesday when I have more spending money.
  6. I wish they had the white barrette GM in...I'm dying to see it!!!
  7. That's so weird, I've been checking repeatedly for a few weeks and all these things show up lol.
    I wish they had black rings and bracelets or a beige bracelet.
  8. does the bubble earrings come in two pairs- pink and transparent? or is the price for each pair only? TIA
  9. I don't have ANY inclusion pieces yet. I think I am afraid to start as I won't quit with just one. :p
  10. Yes!!! I'm addicted!!! I have 6 bracelets and I can't stop!!!! Somebody help me!!! LOL ;)
  11. hey Peace43, I am mega jealous of your gorgeous bracelet
    you either have an awesome job or you have a wonderful DH!!!!! lucky gal.
    Where did you get them all?
  12. ooooh i want a ring!
  13. LOL! I bought all of my bracelets at the boutiques! South Coast Plaza, Century City (my main place), and Rodeo Dr.

    I've never bought anything off of e-luxury because I hate having to pay for shipping when I can buy it at the store. I get charged tax no matter what since I live in CA.

    DH? He buys me a gift certificate once in a while, but never surprises me with LV merchandise because he knows that I'll probably buy it first before he even gets to the store!
  14. 2 pairs :yes:
  15. Lol I still want more but can't find black or until I do, I'm at 3 lol.
    But I'm addicted now..I got 2 bracelets in like a week's time haha.