inclusions bracelets

  1. what is best to wear for everyday...1 or 2 together? and is the pm or gm size best? thanks
  2. I like the PM a bit more than the GM, but then it also depends on the size of your wrist, the GM looks HUGE on some people.

    I probably would only wear one at a time.
  3. I want the GM grey one....for some reason, I like the grey in the GM size. Maybe it depends on the color. I have really small wrists, but I love big jewelry.
  4. ^Yeah same here. I might get the GM but maybe not.
    I usually wear 1 (PM) but if something I'm wearing looks cute with 2 colors, I'll wear 2. :yes:
  5. i was thinking of the transparent one, if its still available. Do you guys like it in the gm or pm size? I have pretty big wrists btw
  6. I like the PM size better and usually only wear one. Although one clear and one pomme look nice together because of the red crystals in the clear bracelet.
  7. I wear one at a time but 2 is fine for everyday wear. I like the pm over the gm more but like the others have said the GM in grey looks really nice and tempting :smile:
  8. i don't have one - but i want one in PM!
  9. I want to wear all of my inclusions all at once!! Ok... just kidding, but I have tried all of them on at the same time at home.

    I usually only wear one bracelet at a time because I when I use to wear my beige and black PMs together, they rubbed against each other and seem to get a bit scratched/dull on the sides (but not that noticeable!)
  10. I wear 2 everyday! I'm pairing Amarante and the Transparent ones today in the PM size.
  11. I would wear 2 pms or 1 gm or mix and match gms and pms in smae or differnt colours. But remeber waht coco always said (take one thing off)
  12. I have one each in the three sizes (GM, old PM, new PM) and I prefer to wear them alone. When I wear two together, they clink together and it gets really annoying plus I get surface scratches on the flat part. For every day wear, the PM is GM gets in my way a lot. Sometimes I have to take it off when I'm eating or writing.
  13. I think you could wear two PMs at once, but you only need one GM. The GM is huge. If you have big wrists, it should look fine though.
  14. I say the bigger the better......GM