Inclusion TPM Bracelets on Eluxury

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  1. Yes, Eluxury is now selling the TPM in addition to the PM size Inclusion Bracelets. I confirmed with them tonight that the TPM is the bracelet that has the 2.25" opening. You simply need to search "TPM" on Eluxury and it brings the bracelet back. The PM is an entirely seperate listing on their site.
  2. Elux is showing a PINK inclusion bracelet!! And also there's a pic of a yellow/gold bracelet!! It's on the PM listing in eluxury.

    Good to know that the smaller PM's are available for tPFers with small wrists!
  3. I will check it out.
  4. I wish the pink color was darker and more vibrant.
  5. ^^ I saw these today at the store here .. they looked like the old colours that were released a while ago...I do like the yellow:tup:
  6. Wow! That's amazing that these colors are already in Australia! The inclusions always seem to come out in Australia and Europe before the US which is cool but why can't LV just release them at the same time all over the world!

    But, I think the colors looks slightly different than the previous versions. This new yellow seem more gold in color and the previous yellow looked more translucent in appearance. And the new pink, too me, also looks different than the previous pink/rose versions.
  7. Oh Gosh peace don't say that! I was hoping the pink was the same so I could refrain from buying it! LOL
  8. I thought the colours looked the same to me???