Inclusion Speedy Keychain

  1. I really like the inclusion speedy keychain and would love to use it as a bag charm on my lvs. But the price is kind of high for such a small piece. For those who have this piece do you think it is worth the money? Also could I see some pics of it on your bag for size reference? thanks so much!
  2. Great thread, it is exactly what I was considering.
  3. I think it is soooooo cute. I am not the type to spend so much money on such a little thing but I am glad that I did because it is cute, gets a lot of compliments, and looks great on all my bags. Here is it on a few of them:
    neo.jpg pink n brown.jpg
  4. ughhh.... I don't like inclusions anymore.... my inclusion ring broke on the 3rd day... and I'd suggest not to buy it because it is fragile imo....
  5. I have 2 speedy key rings, in white and framboise. They are so beautiful and look great on my bags. I've never had any problems with them.
  6. Oh no I dont want to spend all that money and have it break! Is it that fragile? Did LV return it for you?
  7. I bought beige keychain and have banged it around accidentally, it's fine and no scratches.