Inclusion rings

  1. Finally got my black inclusion ring yesterday, I've been waiting for it for a few weeks, one came in, but it was damaged! I'm really pleased, as I think it's lovely! No pics yet, but if anyone wants a looksee, I'll see what I can do.

    Anyhoo, I was wondering if anyone has one, specifically a size 56, as I can't see any markings/sizings on the ring, and I'm just wondering if I've got a 53, instead of a 56? Would anyone mind measuring their ring and letting me know the size? (I thought just a straight measurement across the inside centre of the ring would give me an idea) Couldn't try on in store, had it sent mail order from Dublin.

    Many thanks!

  2. Sorry I don't have an answer to your inclusion ring question.. I just wanted to say, aren't those Louis Vuitton shoes in your avatar to die for ? :love:
  3. :biggrin: Ahh, bless you!

    I have to say, I only have a few pair's of LV's, but those are my absolute favourites! I was soooo lucky to get them. I also probably would have mortgaged the house to get a pair of the Cleo/Pompeii black wedge ankle strap ones, but I never even got to see a pair of those...

    Many thanks! :biggrin:

  4. I'm behind . . .
    what's an inclusion ring? Can you post a pic?
  5. Inclusion is the name of a limited edition fashion jewerly by Louis Vuitton. They include rings, bracelets, speedy shaped keychains, hair cubes and cell phone dangles.

    Here's one of a ring:

  6. I only ever saw them on eBay too.. oh well, there's plenty more shoes out there. I love Louis Vuitton shoes, but I've yet to purchase a pair since they're so costly ! I wish I had jumped when the first balmoral pumps were released ! :Push:
  7. I want the inclusion bracelets, and the inclusion cell phone accessory. SIGH... I need to work more to support my habit! :smile:
  8. oo do you have a pic of the cell phone charm? I need to get a new one, my Dior is already screwed up and its only been a month and a half or so :lol:
  9. Here is what I can find of the inclusion collection...

  10. The inclusion bracelet in the GM size is to die for. A definite must have accessory.
  11. Oh no !! It was so cute.. bummer. :Push:
  12. I had seen it a few times on eluxury. Keep checking every so often. They may have it again :wondering Good luck :biggrin:
  13. I've never seen these, they are beautiful.
  14. I love the inclusion stuff- its modern and cute.
  15. I love them but I know I won't get to use them as much so it's better if I put the $$$ towards a bag. *sigh* If I win the lottery one day. LOL.