inclusion ring...which one??

  1. which do you like best...framboise or black?? thanks
  2. black!
  3. I like the BLACK as well .... :tup:
  4. I like both :smile:
  5. I have both colors (the old black though, no LVs in it) and I wear the black a lot more.
  6. I like the black for the ring
  7. I think BOTH, but if you can only do one - go with the black, very dramatic and it should hopefully show scratches a bit less
  8. black is very dramatic, which i love!
  9. black is 'BOLD' while Framboise is CHIC, depends on which look you want the most :flowers:
  10. framboise, i love the pink.
  11. The black. I've got the framboise and amarante, but I saw the black and thought that would be so dramatic.