Inclusion Ring Sizes

  1. Do they still do the S, M, and L thing for the Inclusion Rings or are they all just one set size now? Thanks xoxo. :heart:
  2. Yes, they come in three sizes.

    The "medium" size is approximate to a 7 I think.
  3. Yeah they have sizes 50 (small) 53 (medium) and 56 (large). I'm a 53 when I want to wear it on my index finger (it fit but got a little stuck around my knuckle). I could have taken the 50 they had yesterday but I don't want to wear it on my ring I'm waiting for my 53.
  4. Ahh okie thanks, just wasn't sure - I'm a size 7 too so I guess id be a medium - large to try for. :yes:
  5. Oh yea - one more thing, what's the price of them again? Bought mine a long while ago and I wanna get some more. I'm sure the prices went up some - so any info on that would rock. Thanks again:yes: