Inclusion Ring Size

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  1. They come in 3 sizes - 50, 53 and 56. I was surprised that my slim fingers couldn't fit through 50 or 53. I wear it on my middle finger and found 56 to be just right. Imagine if they had stopped it at size 53! :sweatdrop:

    What size are you and which finger do you wear your inclusion ring on?
  2. mine's a 50 and i wear it on my middle finger (which actually fits only right hand's middle finger b'cuz of the bigger knuckle....-_-")

    i wish they make smaller sizes though!!!
  3. I wear the 53 because I like to wear it on my index finger. I tried on the 50 and it fit but I had a heck of a time trying to get it off lol.

    I should add, I'm a 5 on my ring finger and a 6 on my index finger.
  4. I wear a 50 on my middle finger...also fits my index normal ring finger size is like 4 3/4.
  5. i don't know. but the ones that my store DID have were just too small!
  6. i can only wear the size 50 because my hands are too small. i wear it on my middle finger, and it fits just right, sometimes even with a ltitle extra room
  7. I love wearing it on my middle finger, but gosh you guys have tiny fingers! I'm STILL waiting for my transparent ring to arrive. Sigh...
  8. is it fair to say that a 50 is =size 5, 53 is about a size 6 and 56 is a size 7?
  9. Not sure how the sizes convert, but the "standard" ring size is a 6. So, one size up and one size down makes sense.
  10. Oh and almost forgot... when you try them on, make sure your hands are warm, as size changes with the temperature of you hands, as well as if you've been carrying something on that hand's side (either on the shoulder or in your hand).