inclusion ring questions

  1. Is it too bulky and big to wear everday? Also, which color do you prefer for everyday...the framboise or the black? Thanks
  2. I'd go w/framboise or pomme. It is somewhat bulky, but it's the the trend now to be flashy. Pomme stands out more :smile:
  3. hmmm ya, I personally find it a lil uncomfy, but as long as it doesn't bother you then it's fine. As for the colour I think either one is okie cuz the inclusion collection is a pretty casual line. Just a personal preference of colour.
  4. For everyday, I'd go with the black. I don't wear any of my rings (I don't find them very comfortable)...but I wear my black PM bracelet the most often :tup:
  5. I had the same questions, I really love the framboise color and have always like the rings but I have never gotten one. I tried one on at LV and it was way too small for me and I tried the new bubble ring with the gold band but it was a little uncomfortable for me so I think I will try to find a size 56.
  6. Nah not really...I either wear my 50's (beige, black, rose) on my ring finger of my left hand or my others (amarante, pomme, framboise, yellow) on the index finger of my right hand. I've been wearing my beige and black quite a bit since they go with everything.
  7. I use my framboise and amarante most frequently on my middle finger. They do get scratched after a while though.
  8. So, if you were to do it again, would you still buy one? Or should I just skip it and put the money towards something else??? thanks
  9. I have the black inclusion ring and loooooove it! I wear it every chance I get..and its comfortable to me! I wear it on left hand ring finger. I want one for my index finger too! But not to wear 2 at the same time!
    Good luck!
  10. If you know the scratches will bother you, then go for something else. I personally don't mind because they are so minuscule that no one will really notice it anyways :okay:
  11. ^Same here. :yes: