Inclusion ring owners!!

  1. Do you wear your ring regularly? Is it comfortable? Heavy?

    I WANT


    But it's like $200. So gorgeous though...
  2. Wow! That's lovely.
  3. extremely light, extremely comfortable pretty much worth the price
    EXCEPT. it can get scratched easily, and its usually hard to fix.
    i love how mine fits, and whenever i take it off, i feel like im missing something.
    i really love the ring, and i think it would look incredible nexy to your new roxbury!
  4. I tried the clear one on today and liked it, though it looked a bit odd to me, only because I am used to pretty plain silver-colored rings. But it's so fun!
  5. i love my rings. i wear them when i go out. they're very comfortable and lightweight
  6. I only wear it when I go out at night. It's very light and cute. However, none of my friends like it.
  7. its not really comfy cus it's so thick but it's really light....

    one bad thing is that since it's so chunky, it gets scratched so easily not to mention the fact that it's on ur finger so it's kinda in close contact with everything u touch haha :smile:
  8. i dont have one, but as bvbirdygirl said, it would look so HOT next to your roxbury!
  9. sorry, but does anyone know what size 53 is equivalent to? is it a 5 or 6?? TIA!!!! :smile:
  10. 53 is more like a 6. I'm a 5 or 5.5 and my Inclusions are size 50.
  11. AH, thanks, elle!!!! :smile:

    i want one now :hysteric:
  12. omg! I love this color. It's jus like ruby and actually make the inclusion ring less plastic like and more sophisticated. I need to waitlist for that!
  13. Can't you just polish it with polishers for your mobile phone screens? I think it will work on this too!!