Inclusion Ring by Hello Kitty?

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  1. Hello Kitty often copies Louis Vuitton styles. Doesnt this look like the inclusion ring? I wonder if they made a bracelet...

  2. That would be a cute bracelete!
  3. Oooh! I love it! I'll bet it's not $300 either.
  4. It's very cute!!!
  5. Very cute!
  6. It's kind of expensive at 15,000 JPY (130.35 USD) on
  7. Wow..I don't mind the bracelet..
  8. That is really cute! But you're right...really does look like the inclusion pieces!
  9. That's cute, anyone seen this in the US?
  10. My thought too ... it is to 'fat' as a ring I think, but very cute.
  11. That's very cute. I love Hello Kitty.
  12. Yeah I love that strapya site you can order worldwide. I love the tink pink stuff.