Inclusion ring anyone???

  1. it's $195 retail

    and i saw that auction too! but i'll only buy it in the store because i have to try it on first. i think their smallest size may even be too big for me :cry:
  2. Hmm, I don't know, but I know it won't fit my fat fingers.:crybaby:
  3. Thanks Sandra!
  4. you're welcome :flowers:!
  5. oooh... that's so cute. darn my skeleton's fingers... i can't wear rings or bracelets like that :crybaby:
  6. Ooh cute! T4P
  7. Hey Yeux, I am very petite and I wear the 52 on my middle finger, the smallest is 50, it goes all the way up to 59. Also very comfortable! Ask them to dig, I was just in London and they had a yellow ring (too big) and I bought the pink bracelet she found.
  8. my normal ring size is a 4 though. will the 50 fit me?
  9. My ring size is a 4 too.
    That ring is soooo cute though.
  10. I only know European sizes. My wedding band is a 49. Maybe I did get a 50 in the inclusion? I have tiny fingers and wrists, the inclusion stuff looks great. There is a pic Irene put up on a thread that shows my wrists with the inclusion bracelets on, if you want an idea. GOOD LVCK!