Inclusion pm bracelets in framboise and pomme

  1. Hi all! Anybody still looking for the pm inclusion bracelets in framboise (berry) and pomme? If so, the LV stores in Soho (NYC) and Houston (Galleria) have both colors and will ship both for just $10 total. Houston has the pomme in both small and medium sizes, not sure about Soho. I ordered both colors and should have them on Tuesday.
  2. congrats on your purchase!! you're lucky to have snagged a pomme.. it's already out of stock in our boutique.

    post photos when you get them...
  3. Thanks, I will. Think they will be here tomorrow.
  4. Congrats on your purchases-love the inclusion bracelets. Looking forward to the PICS
  5. Curiously, how much do the inclusion bracelets run? They are gorgeous!
  6. Congrats!
  7. Congrats on your purchase! Any pics???
  8. I believe the retail is $255 plus tax for the PM; someone correct me if I am wrong.
  9. Good for your purchase & thanks for the info!