Inclusion Phone Accessory --- which color??

  1. my sweet DH totally shocked me w/ two brown boxes for this Christmas!!!:yahoo: :heart: since i spent enough at LV this Dec....i was not expecting them at all!

    first one was.......
    Sweet Monogram Pendant
    this is the cutest little thing, and i LOVE IT!:heart:
    (sorry i had to borrow a pic from elux....mines are still on my camera!)

    and the other one.....
    Monogram Inclusion Phone Accessory
    .....but in BEIGE.

    it is super CUTE but i don't know if i'm "feeling" BEIGE. i like the PINK.... i'm pretty sure he got it off elux and that was the only color which was available. i asked him if i can exchange it, and he doesn't really care....

    BUT he almost NEVER choose anything LV for me, so it is very special!!:shame: ....that he actually wrapped the brown box with christmas paper!!!!:roflmfao:

    BUT then again.... i am not really feeling BEIGE.
    so those of you who has inclusion items...... which is your most favorite color? please help me!!!!:heart:
    Thank you guys!!
  2. Awww, how sweet of him!

    I have the beige, black, and berry least favorite is the beige, haha. I can't really choose between berry and black, I love them both! When I had a silver RAZR, I used the black with it. Now that I have a pink SLVR, I use the berry one.
  3. Your DH is soooo sweet and thoughtful!!

    I personally like the berry best in pics and IRL!
  4. Lol I've got only one, which is the black one since I don't switch phone charms like I switch bags.
    Here it is on my old phone and on my new(er) fuchsia RAZR.

  5. I love the black one, and the pink one is really cute too. But I'm not feeling the beige either.
  6. Congrats!!! I love how he wrapped up the brown box with Christmas cute:roflmfao: . The pendant is lovely.:love:
  7. thank you elle --- yeah, i thought beige was "oh-ok" than "oh CUTE!!!":roflmfao: (sorry honey bunch...!)

    marclover --- thank you! i thought berry (i said pink....!) was the cutest!:shame: yeah, my DH could be so sweet --- sometimes!! haha

    Lvbabydoll --- thank you for the pics!!! i love all your LV goodies!!!:love:
  8. Aww you're welcome Sophia! You've got a great collection too!! :love:
    As for the phone charm, I'd go for either the berry or the black if possible :yes:
    But that's so sweet of your DH to get you what he did!
  9. thanks juicy couture jen!! --- i'll take a last good look in the morning.... i'm sitting in the dark, my honey(s) are sleeping behind me.... hehe:p

    Lee69 --- thanks....the wapping job was so NOT GOOD *i am not saying it was bad...haha! sorry again honey* with no bow or anything..... they looked like they could have been alarm clocks inside (like last year! haha):roflmfao:

    Rebecca:heart: ! (i hope you don't mind me calling you by your fist name!!) --- thank you again, i love the black one like yours....but i am leaning towards BERRY! i have pink razr too, but mine is more baby-pink.
    but my baby girl play with my phone all the time and she drops it alot.... i might ended up using the charm on my bags though!!! :nuts:
  10. Lol I don't mind at all, that's why I made my little name icon thingy hehe. :smile:
    Anyway I think the berry would look adorable on the light pink RAZR. I almost wanted to get one to match my own phone but I wouldn't want to take the black one off. I'd end up doubling up on phone charms haha :lol:
    I think there was someone on this board who used the phone charm on a bag, but I forget who it was.
  11. Awwwh that's so sweet of him! Congrats on the lovely new accesories. I've always loved the phone accesory in beige :biggrin:
  12. I like the pink myself
  13. so sweet! I love that pendant!
  14. i have the black but i would have preferred the berry. i got mine really cheap on eBay though. i use it as a bag charm on my bh not on a cell phone
  15. Brown/beige is actually my fave color BUT ever since I had a daughter (mine is 2 months younger than yours) I want everything to be pink!!!! If you're not too sentimental exchange it for the pink one!!!