Inclusion & Me

  1. My first LV, without borrowing from my mom or splitting costs with my mom:lecture::


    I am so excited I could wear this to sleep, tonight!:cutesy:




  2. omg it's SO pretty!!! i've been wanting one for a really long time but never really got around to buying one and now i've been re-inspired hehe
  3. so pretty :love: congrats!
  4. Congrats again! I'm so glad you got one!
  5. Congrats, its beautiful! :yahoo:
  6. Very beautiful, congratulations - these have been so difficult to get.
  7. Yeah! Congrats ao a beautiful bracelet! Let the addiction begin!
  8. Very cute on you. Enjoy.
  9. Congrats!! Very pretty!
  10. Very cute !! Congrats :yahoo:
  11. so pretty ... congrats!
  12. nice..congrats!
  13. do you mind if i ask where you got this? im on a hunt for the small sized pm in grey~ hehe
  14. Sure! Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego.
  15. It's very pretty. A great neutral that goes with everything. Love it!