inclusion keyring

  1. what do you use yours for? as a hang-off or an actual key ring?
  2. I use mine as a bag charm
  3. I like to use mine as a bag charm too. It's so cute! People often notice that before they notice my bag.
  4. I don't have any Inclusion or other fancy keyrings except for the pochette extender, but if I had an LV keyring, I would use it as a bag charm. I think it's less likely to get damaged hanging on a purse than actually using the keychain on a daily basis.
  5. bag charm.. i'm to scared to let it get all scratched up if i were to put it with my keys.
  6. I use mine as a bag charm.
  7. Bag charm for me, and occasionally if I'm just running somewhere (like to my neighbor's for one of their get-togethers), I'll put my house key on it.
  8. Bag charm here as well.
  9. I have the Framboise and the Black and they're bag charms.
  10. I would use it as a bag charm before I would put my keys on it. I would just be too worried about getting it all scratched up.
  11. Actually I have to add to this, I have the black cell charm and despite the constant use and putting the phone in my bag/pocket etc. it still looks good. I've had it on my phone for about a year and a half now.
  12. Charm for me!
  13. I use it as a keyring. I really love it and I like that I get to use it everyday. I have dropped my keys a few times and it is pretty scratched up but it would be a shame to keep it in my drawer.
  14. bagcharm :nuts:
  15. i have a black one i use as a bag charm :yes: