Inclusion Key Ring ???

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  1. Which colors are in the stores now? Do they still have the beige? thanks!:P
  2. The new colours are in....white and berry. I guess you'll have to call LV to ask if the beige is still available.:smile:
  3. i called the 866 earlier, and the woman said that there are still a few pieces in the beige left, but she didn't specify which piece.

    and apparently now the white and berry will only be launched closer to October :huh:
  4. thank you Sandra!
  5. you're welcome :welcome:
  6. Oh, it's already available in Australia. Looks like we're not behind anymore.:P
  7. The white and berry is alread available in Hawaii.
  8. I asked my SA today and she said that White and Berry should be available in stores around November...
  9. White and Berry everything except bracelets are available now here in Calgary!
  10. I heard November from an SA in my store on Monday. I wanted to buy a bracelet then too, grr.
  11. I'm very tempted to plan a vacation to Hawaii next week :lol: I'm getting tired of waiting for them to show up here in Cali :cursing:
  12. How much is one of those?? They're soo cute!
  13. here's complete collections with prices


  14. so cute and nice. I wanna get one of them too.. but looks like spore is not selling it...
  15. Same here!! And my store hasn't even gotten the regular keychain version of the Pastilles in, only the bracelet/extender!! UGH :cursing:

    And to the OP, the store in Fashion Valley mall still has the beige Speedy keyring. I was just in there today and it was in the case.
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