Inclusion jewelry & Icons book in CANADA

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  1. DH went to LV yesterday and the SA told him that the Inclusion stud earrings are sold out across Canada. :crybaby: They have him on a wait list for the next shipment. They were supposed to be my Christmas present... :sad:

    She also said that the Icons book won't arrive in Canada until January 2007. My little four-year-old was there and he said, "Then we came all the way down here for nothing." :lol:

    Anyone else hear this?
  2. ^ Sorry to hear that. That's a bummer! I almost couldn't get clear inclusion bracelet but lucky my regular SA got one for me.

    Your daughter is so cute..
  3. i went to the store today and all the bubbles (rings, earrings and bracelets) just came in!!! i tried on all of them!!!

    the earrings are cute but they don't pop up on my ears as much

    the ring is huge!!! i wear a 5 and they only come in one size that's way too big for me..SA said i can squeeze the ring so it fits better but i don't think that's the way to go....

    the bracelets on the other hand, are so wrist is really small and they fit me perfectly i don't think many people will be able to wear them cuz they come in one size....and u have to wear 4 so they pop uo on ur wrist cuz they are really small (the bubbles)

    i didn't get any cuz i decided to get inclusion bracelet instead...just wanna share the review on these babies :smile:

  4. Thanks for the update. I was wondering about bracelet. I looks pretty big on Kate Moss. I wished they made dangly earring instead of studs.

    I can't believe your luck for getting discontinued pink PM ,congrats again..
  5. Which store e_pinpin? I'll get DH to call LV and ask them to check the store you went to. TIA!
  6. thanks for the update, was wondering about those bubble bracelets
  7. You should call Holts LV Calgary. They had a few pairs of bubbles, and it'w worth giving them a call! I'm pretty sure they still have them!
  8. addictedtoLV ...haha , i don't think it's any useful telling u which store i wento to.....but i'll tell u anyway....

    my store is in Bangkok, Thailand :smile:

    Nita....thx, i love the new bracelet!!
  9. I was lucky and got both the Berry & Clear bracelets and the Bubble earrings. I didn't like the rings though - quite awkward IMO.
  10. LOL - your son sounds adorable!!!
  11. anyone else have anything to say about the earrings? i want them, i think.