Inclusion hair cubes- pomme

  1. Ok I never thought I would want to shell out money for the inclusion hair cubes until I saw the vip ones in Japan :nuts: And Now....I saw the pomme and white hair cubes on vuitton's site.

    Do you think those colors will be available if I wait a month of two (Because I don't want to put it on credit card).

    Anybody have any information on it? U.S. prices.
  2. IDK.Pomme stuff seems to be flying off the "shelves" so i would buy it asap.
  3. Just so you know...this summer when they come out with the new color inclusions (the dark plummy color)...the hair cubes will be one pom one and one dark plummy colored one. I saw it in the look book. So unless you want the red and the white, you can wait till summer!!!
  4. I think the hair cubes are around $160? And yeah, I'd get them ASAP.
  5. Yeah I'd get them as soon as you can. I have some hair cubes but don't exactly use them since my hair is too thick and I don't want to snap the bands :sad: