Inclusion GM Bracelet in Clear,anyone?

  1. Hey, does anyone own Clear Inclusion Bracelet in GM size?
    I just got a call from my SA, and she is holding it for me to look
    at. If anyone own it, please show me some pics!!!:p
  2. id love to see pics too!
  3. We need to meet up again and go to LV ;)
  4. GM size!?! I would love to see pics!
  5. Yeah, I go there at least once a week:smile::smile:

    I don't have anyone to share my love for LV except TPF:crybaby:
  6. I thought a clear didn't exist? :confused1: Go check it out!!!
  7. what??? they have GM clear?? I thought only PM..I love to see it..
  8. Ahhhhhh I Love Your Dog. It Is So Cute.
  9. If they have it in GM, I might want it.
  10. I thought there was only a pm size?
  11. I just came home with one! I wanted it to be a surprise!!!!
  12. Oh, do post pics and modeling ones too.
  13. Stefania You have to post pictures immediately!
  14. please post some pics..dying to see it. I have PM one for the clear one