Inclusion Framboise-transparent Entire Collection And Bubble Collection!

  1. jm311 has posted these pics in the topic for men accessories so for us poor girls I started a new thread :yahoo:


  2. Thanks for posting, Miroir Princess... ;)

    I got busy with eating and getting a flat tire... hahaha.
  3. Ooooo thanks :smile:
  4. Oooohhh...pretty! Thanks for sharing! Do the bracelets only come in the PM size now? Not that I really care because the GM is way to big for me.
  5. Beautiful! I would love to see the transparent bracelet - especially stacked alongside another color. :love:
  6. I'm sure the "Bubble" collection is way better in person :love:

    I never ever noticed this bracelet on Kate Moss I was like :nuts:
  7. Thanks to you! :yahoo:
  8. I see a little speedy key holder in my future:yes:
  9. Oh my those are to die for!!!!!!!!! Miroir princess, thank you sooo much for posting this! Oh my gosh my bank account is not going to like you.. LOL!!!! Ok, I love those rings, and the bracelets! You know when the collection comes out? Or is it already out?
  10. And look at this :nuts:


  11. jm311
    is the orginal poster so thanks to him :yahoo:
  12. :nuts: Thanks for the pictures!!! Love the groom scarves and the pink inclusion bracelet. :love:
  13. Totally Gorgeous, the colour is so cute! :heart: Loves It.:heart:
    Thanx for posting!
  14. Wonderful pics!:nuts:
    Now I want even MORE LV things.:shame:
  15. OMG..thank you Miroir and John for the the inclusions and groom bandeau..:love: :love: