Inclusion Colors

  1. Hi there, can someone help list all the colors that they have made Inclusion pieces in. So far I can only think of:

    1. Black
    2. Beige
    3. Frambroise
    4. Pomme D'Amour
    5. Transparent

    Are there any that I am missing?? :confused1: Any info is greatly appreciated!!! ;)
  2. Well the very first colors were a very light pink and yellow.
    Also the white but that's kind of tricky because the keychain, hair cubes and cell charm were the only ones that came in this color. The ring and bracelets came in transparent.
    Also, the new upcoming color will be the Amarante :yes:

    Here are mine, minus the Pomme ones I'm still waiting for (the bangle is the yellow color):
  3. So the list would go like this (in order of release):
    1. Yellow
    2. Pale Pink
    3. Beige
    4. Black

    5. Berry (Framboise)
    6. White/Transparent
    7. Pomme d'Amour
    8. Amarante (will launch in June)
  4. Thanks Rebecca! Now I have one more question.. Did the pale pink and yellow come in the speedy key ring???
  5. Yellow/Pink
    - PM bracelet
    - ring
    - GM bracelet
    - hair cube

    Framboise/White (transparent for bracelets)
    Pomme d'Amour
    - hair cubes
    - Speedy keychain
    - cell phone charm
    - bracelet PM
    - bracelet GM (not sure if Framboise comes in GM)
    - barrette PM (somebody confirm beige/black?)
    - barrette GM (somebody confirm framboise?)
    - ring

    - specific items not known...but I'm assuming pretty much all listed above!
  6. thanks karman!
  7. Yup, thanks Karman!
    If the Speedy keyring came in the yellow and pale pink I would be dying for them lol. I love the keyrings :love:
  8. the key rings were the inspiration behind this thread. i so far have the beige and framboise. i want the rest!! :graucho: that means i have 4 more to go!! :push:
  9. Also, on the ones you were unsure of, I don't remember there being a Framboise GM bracelet or barrette, or a beige/black barrette PM. :smile:
  10. Haha..I want my Pomme one!! Lol..and I put myself on the list for the Amarante. I love them too! They're so adorable :love:
  11. I believe there was a yellow/rose barrette :yes: I remember those were the only pieces I didn't get from the first season of Inclusions because I would have no use for them.

    And according to Instyle...there was a black barrette :smile:
  12. Good to know, Lulu! I never really paid attention to the barrettes either lol. Or the hair cubes, actually. I remember seeing the color but not whether they were PM or GM. Thanks!
  13. ^I know...I never paid much attention to them either! I tried to find more info my googling for "inclusion barrettes" and that's all I got!
  14. I think this thread calls for a collection of Lulu's fabbbbb inclusion collection :graucho: :drool:
  15. I'm picturing the yellow barrette in my head and it looks familiar...I think i only saw the GM one on eBay and the colour was the bright yellow!