Inclusion color decision!

  1. Okay, I'm torn between the berry cell phone charm, and the white. Which one should I get. I'll probably hang it on my Damier speedy, but for incase I do end up using it on my cell phone, I have a pink SLVR that is almost the same as the berry pink.
  2. i think you should get the berry; whether it's for your Damier Speedy or phone, it'll match better, and the color gives it a pop :P
  3. berry for sure! although i love pink, so it's an easy decision for me
  4. White, I love the pink, green and blue crystals inside.
  5. Berry, cause the white will look good on your phone, but strange on your damier speedy. Besides berry complements brown tones very well, but white not so much...
  6. Berry although the white is so pretty with the multi-color stones.
  7. I agree the berry is super cute
  8. berry!:biggrin:
  9. Berry gets my vote. :yes:
  10. Berry! :nuts:
  11. I love the white more, but the berry will definitely match your phone better!
  12. Berry for Damier def.
  13. :yes: i agree
  14. Berry hands down :wlae:
  15. i actually prefer the clear one with its multiolor stone that makes it looks different but if u're thinking to attach it to ur damier then i'll go with berry..

    good luck :heart: