Inclusion braclet size question

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  1. Has anyone w/ a standard 7.5" bracelet size successfully gotten on a size Medium Inclusion bangle?

    I have my eye on one on evilbay & it states the opening is 2.6". I've played around with a measuring tape & can barely get 2.6" around my wrist. However, IDK if I"m just psyching myself out.

    If you have a large wrist, like I do, can you wear the size Medium bracelet??

  2. thatgurl, You may want to take a measuring tape and measure your wrist and ask others that own the Regular size Inclusion that has the 2.6" opening to post their measurements. Knowing those numbers will give you a more clear picture.

    This could be a perfect reference thread for others. Let me go first. My wrist measures 5.25 inches around and I wear the TPM with the 2.25" opening.
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    I think that's a great idea! Thank you, DesigningStyle! I look forward to everyone else's answers ;)

    And good heavens, I spelled bracelet wrong in the title. Forgive me, please! :shame:
  4. I have about 6.5" wrists and the mediums fit me well. It's not so much the wrist size, but getting it over your knuckles, from my experience. They're huge on me once I get them on my wrists.
  5. my wrists are 5 3/4" and the pm was huuuuuuge on me. it felt like it would fall any second soon as my hands were down at my sides.
    anyone know if the tpm is considerably smaller than the pm?
    DesigningStyle is the tpm a bit big for you? i ask since my wrist is 1/2" larger than yours. Just want to get an idea of how they fit since my store had no tpms for me to try at the moment.