Inclusion Bracelets Too Big?

  1. Hi ladies...i was trying on the inclusion bangles yesterday, the thick and thin one, and they fit so large! i know there must be alot of tiny wrists out there, do you wear it high up on your forearm, or just wear it big? oh and btw, the amarante color is gorgeous ;)
  2. Hmmm, I tried the amarante in S last month in Barcelona, couldn't get it past my wrist. I wish I could get my hands on a bigger one!!
  3. Have you tried on the smaller size? If you look at the Inclusion Club in the clubs area, Elle has the Pomme in a small.
    For me, the bangles are fairly large when they're on but I need the extra room to get them over my knuckles (I just take the regular size). So they don't fall off, I just move them up to my forearm and they seem fine.
  4. Ya, the large size is too large and the small is too small. :rolleyes:
  5. I have three of them in the small circumference (2.25") PM size. These fit me great! A little hard to slip over your hand but then it fits like a normal bracelet.

    The regular PM size (which is now medium circumference (2.50") is really big.
  6. I have a Pomme GM, and it's pretty darn big. I am no waif either. I feel like if I shook my hand hard enough, it would fly off.
  7. ^^Lol that happened with my yellow PM a few years ago. I swung my hand too hard and it flew off my wrist in the school parking lot and under a car. Of course I saved it and it wasn't even scratched. Now though, I wear it with another current PM bangle in front of of to kind of hold it on.
  8. hmm. im scared. i dont want mine to be too big when i finally get it. the only other bracelet that i have that i wear is the tiffany ball bracelet. which i can slip on without undoing the clasp but its a tight fit, fits great on my wrist though. the beige that i want doesnt come in the small or med, just one size....the regular. i hope it fits!
  9. does anyone else have that tiffany bracelet??
  10. How hard is it to get a hold of a amarante SMALL size?
  11. Just saw one at LV Wynn in Las Vegas the other night. Give them a call!
  12. thanks!
  13. I have the PM version in pomme de amour (sp?). I love it. I wear it every day. It always seems to match everything, or at least I think it matches everything. :smile:

    I love the new amarante color though!


    In real life, is it more of a dark purple or a blackish color?
  14. the new amarante is so beautiful
  15. i found the inclusion bracelets too big, but my SA was able to order me an amarante one in the small size, which fits perfectly. There does appear to be quite a big difference in the size between small and medium when you look at them together.