inclusion bracelets.....everyday or special occasions?

  1. I'm just wondering, for those of you who own them, do you were them on a daily basis, with everything or just on special occasions? And do you think they are okay to wear with casual attire??
  2. I'd totally wear them with casual attire. If you're going to pay that much, you need to wear it whenever. It will look great!
  3. I mainly dress casual and I wear them when ever I go out. Plus they look so nice dressed up or down.
  4. I wear mine with business suits, sun dresses, tshirts and flip flops...great piece. Everyone needs at least one.
  5. I plan on getting one when the new ones come out & I can totally see wearing it with casual or dressy outfits! To be honest, I can see wearing it more with casual than dressy outfits -- it may be expensive, but it's still plastic!
  6. Everyday for me! V
  7. I don't have any, but if I did I'd wear them with casual attire, tees, primp thermals etc. I think it could either way.
  8. when are the new ones coming out? anyone know?
  9. I think it would look better when casually dressed, and like Girlsgottoshop said, if you're paying that much, you have got to wear it whenever!

    But I think it can also look classy if you wear it with a nice women's suit or a black dress. Depends on the occasion though.
  10. I wear mine all the time with casual outfits.
  11. I ove wearing the braceletes with everything:smile: Mostly casual wear though, but i do wear it when i go out to a nice club sometimes! I cant wait for more colours to come into the store!!
  12. Inclusion is very casual and playful with the sparcle and plasticky colourful look. It's not fomral at all IMO and very casual looking.
  13. everyday baby
  14. I think they look great with casual clothes! Inclusion bracelets are so beautiful and I am starting to regret selling mine!
  15. I wear mine daily. I wore my Rose PM today with an Ella Moss top and white tailored shorts from Express. I tend to save the beige and black for dinners out etc. though.