Inclusion bracelets at Beverly Center - Los Angeles

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  1. I was at the Beverly Center LV today and they have tons of the Inclusion bracelets on display!

    Inclusion Bracelets on display:
    Turquoise PM (2 inch diameter)
    Turquoise GM
    (I didn't see the Turquoise PM/2.5 inch diameter but you can ask at the store.)

    Parme GM
    Parme PM (both 2 inch and 2.5 inch diameters)

    Grey PM- 2 inch diameter (didn't see the 2.5 inch but you can ask)

    Black PM (2.5 inch diameter)

    I also saw the barrettes in Turqoise and Parme (I think) and there were Speedy inclusion keychains but I don't remember which colors.
  2. Wow, they sure have a big shipment in. Thank you for the info.
  3. Thanks I may have to walk over there and check them out.
  4. Rodeo Dr. also had tons of inclusion bracelets in stock in the Turquoise and Parme and I even saw the grey bracelets as well. I was just there yesterday, 3/29/08.
  5. Thanks for the info! I really like idea of LA LoVers keeping each other up to date regarding their stock!