Inclusion Bracelet

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  1. Hi, I just bought a berry inclusion bracelet and I'm in love!!
    My SA suggested me to buy 2 of them, since it's cuter to stack them up rather than wearing just 1. I want to get other colors, so I didn't buy 2 berry having a second thought.

    Do you girls think I should patiently wait for other colors or buy 2 berry color bracelets? Does anyone know if LV continue to make inclusion line for a long time? My SA said LV is continueing on this line at least until next Fall (I heard Black will be back).
  2. Gongrats on the bracelet. I would probably get another one since two berries look hot!!
  3. Funny, because I bought 2 of them also!
  4. I bought the clear one today!!
  5. ^ Do you have a pic of you wearing it? TIA
  6. I think I'd wait for other colours! Or hunt for them on eBay!
  7. HAHA I was thinking that same thing today as I just ordered 1 berry, and thought wether to get two of the same colour or get a transparent on instead
  8. hmm I would probably wait it out to choose another color to go with it! perhaps 2 berries would look like one big one? hmm I think i like the mismatch better..
  9. I have the berry too, and I didn't think the clear one went that well with it because of the red crystals in the clear kind of clashed with the berry.I really like the inclusions stacked though, so definitley get another!!
  10. You know, I never hear anyone talk about the size of the inclusion bracelet... Though hubby says my hands are small I know that they aren't... I'm wondering if I can even fit an Inclusion Bracelet... Would someone please take a ruler and measure the the distance inside of the bracelet for me from one point to the other. You know what I mean? I normally wear a 7 1/2" to an 8" bracelet. Somehow, I don't think the Inclusion will fit me... I love the transparent one... Thanks in advance yall.
  11. I think the 2 berrys stacked together would be really cute.
  12. I just bought Pink PM one(2004 cruise?), and working on other previous color. So for now, I'll just be happy with 1 berry PM. I'll see how many previous colors I can correct...... Thanks girls, for your advice!!!
  13. the pm one measures 2 1/2" across (inside)
  14. I've been wearing my black pm inclusion bracelet stacked in between two gold bangles and get a lot of compliments. The gold in the two bangles brings out the gold in the black inclusion. You might try that. :idea:
  15. Thanks so much Snowycoco. That sounds super tiny for me... Perhaps I'll have better luck with the Inclusion ring.