Inclusion Bracelet

  1. I have the berry pm and I just got a black pm.
    The black bracelet is a little thinner than the berry.
    Is anyone's else's like that??

  2. Mine look to be about the same size. If there is a difference, it's probably so minor I can't even see it! Maybe you should post a pic of the 2 together?
  3. here's a picture of the black GM, old pink PM, and new berry PM all stacked up. is your black PM the same size as my old pink PM?

  4. Congrats on your new bracelet!
  5. The pink and yellow PM's were different from the black and beige PM's. The black and beige are very noticeably smaller than the previous season's and the black and beige PM's have gold LV's, whereas the previous season did not.

    I think the pink/white/clear are the same size as last season's PM's (black/beige)
  6. Is the one in the middle pink? I think I saw this one when the cruise 05 came out. do you guys know for how much does the old pink sells usually on ebay?