Inclusion bracelet

  1. Anyone know if the pink inclusion bracelet is out yet? or not? when will it be out? and much would be the Bracelet, not the GM thanks :heart:
  2. its actually berry, pink was out along time ago. I think someone mentioned they would be out in 1-2 months and its the same price as the current beige and black PM one.
  3. berry is the colour that's like a darker shade of pink right? yep that's wat i meant but i didn't know what its call...thanks
  4. I was just at LV today and my SA told me they're coming out in September. I'm waitlisted for the bracelets, rings, and key chains. And I'm not sure if they have the bracelets in GM this time around. I only saw one size (the PM) in the look book. I wish he could've given me a more specific date...because September is just around the corner and I'd be thrilled if I could get it next week! :yahoo:
  5. O:huh: do u have a picture?? and do u know how much is the pm?
  6. I think the photos are up on

    And I don't know the price because I really want these pieces and I wasn't too concerned about price. Bad habit! I just figure that it's about $300 or around the same price as the older Inclusion pieces, which is fine with me. I'll let you know after I actually purchase them though!
  7. thanks, i went on i actually like the white better than the berry, the pink from previous was much prettier, but thats' my opinion only. But i like the black hmmmm well i gotta go to the LV store soon and see if i can waitlist too :smile: but anyway :heart: thanks for u info :love:
  9. You're referring to the pastilles collection, right? From what I heard, they're not actually bracelets, but more so bag charms or pochette extenders. I'm also waitlisted for the multicolor extender and the brown keychain. I want all 4 pieces actually, but I need exert some self-control :lol: They even have pastilles cell phone charms...which I have firmly decided that I'm not going to get!
  10. Yes, I saw the one sheet on it and my SA said it can be used as a bracelet and/or bag charm (and extender like you mentioned) :yes: . I can't wait! :yahoo: I know what you mean about self-control, it's hard, huh! :Push: OMG, it's insane when their collection launches, especially if you know it will be a limited edition.......:tender: .
  12. :smile:
  13. omg! if they had mini mono speedy 25 i would die!
    and i would much rather have that than the damier azur speedy 25 then... cuz i don't think i'm really digging the patina on the azur line

  14. Me too! It's all about preferance and maintenance. Its like the Speedy 25 Monogram versus the Damier Speedy 25. Both equally elegant and superior quality,'s all about preferance, maintenance, and the high "fake factor", etc...... I just :heart: LV, and at the end of the day, it's all about me and my love affair with LV..... I'm willing to do what "deems neccessary" to maintain a bag the I'm in love with :love: .
  15. The berry sounds cool, but I think that the one that JoJoLover got the other day is perfect for a all-year-round look. It's really cute !!! :heart: It was in the Beige :love: