Inclusion bracelet

  1. Hello, I need some help! I have recently purchased the transparent and the red incusion bracelets! I love them, they are in the size small which seems to fit perfectly on my writst. I Really love the pink color, but that one only come in the medium size and I am afraid it will be too large (circumfurence) on my wrist. What do all of you think, Can I make it work? Or should i just forget it. I cant get into the store so it would have to be shipped to me. I dont know what to do?????
  2. I don't have any of those bracelets but, they are adorable. The size depends on how much you want them to move around on your arm. The GM looks like it is thicker and maybe fits more snug and the PM is thinner and maybe more "bangle" like. Are you ordering from eluxury? If so, you can always return it if you don't like the fit. :smile:
  3. you can make it work if you stack it above your SM Inclusion bracelets :yes: get it before the color sold out!
  4. You can send it back to eluxury right? Or you can go on eBay just to see the circumfrence.
  5. No, if it doesn't fit, then you should not buy it. My inclusion ring was a bit big on me, so while I was in an argument with people, my arms were kinda flying around and the ring smashed to the ground... It broke which made me even more mad than before and I cried LOL!!! Point is that if it's too loose, there's a high possibility of you dropping it :yes:
  6. If the small fits perfectly, then yes...the medium may be too large for you. I have the Pomme bracelet in both sizes because the small is a tad too small for my hand (must use soap to slide it on/off) but it's a good size for my wrist. The medium fits me as well, it is loose but it does not fly off my hand. Hope that helps! If you need any measurements or comparison pics, check out the Inclusion Club thread...I believe I posted more info there :smile:
  7. The clear comes in size small? I thought it was only Pomme d'Amour?
  8. The small comes in both the red and clear!!
  9. I wish it came in the pink color too!!!!Thats my favorite color
  10. That's weird, I thought they only started with the Pomme. It's weird that they wouldn't have made the framboise in the small as well because that and the transparent came out at the same time.

    Anyway get it, then wear it with your other smaller bangles on top so it holds the pink one on.
  11. ITA!
  12. ^^Lol that's what I do with my old yellow's a lot larger so I hold it on with either my red or pink bangle.
  13. I remember hearing there was a small transparent PM, I'm not sure if it was through here or my SA, or both?

    They did make a transparent GM, but no berry GM...maybe when doing the transparent GMs, they decided to make the small PMs? :shrugs:
  14. ^^ I bet you're right.
  15. I just ordered the Pomme Inclusion bracelet today from Elux. It didn't ask me to specify a size?? I think that the pomme and clear inclusion PM bracelet is just made smaller. The PM of the other colors is a bigger bracelet. I think anyway.