Inclusion Bracelet & Sizing

  1. I am pretty petite and my wrists/arms are smaller. Is the Inclusion GM bracelet very chunky and big? Does someone have a photo of themselves wearing the GM? Thank you!:love:
  2. I have a pic of the GM in my thread. Let me get the link.
  3. elongreach,

    Holy beautiful ring on your finger! :nuts: When I finally was able to pull my eyes off of your ring I saw the inclusion bracelet. It is very pretty!

    I think I might try to find the PM because I have very small hands and wrists and feel that the GM might be too big and chunky for me. Do you just have the GM or both? If you have both, which one do you prefer?

    Also, is the mongramming on the GM clear to see? i.e. if someone looked at it would they be able to see the patterns or does it just look like a bunch of scribbles?

    Thank you!
  4. I love the inclusion bracelet but unfortunately I am petite w/ small wrist and it just didn't look right on me. I tried on the GM and the PM and it just looked akward on my wrist. Even the SA said it didn't look right :x
  5. I just have the GM. I'm planning (hopefully) to get a black pm to go with it. I don't know if there is a difference in sizing, I just thought it was the actual width of the bracelet that was different. The symbols are definitely easy to see.
  6. Thanks for the thread, I am the same boat with you
  7. I'm petite and I have the PM. I tried both on the store and the GM was very bulky. Even the PM is easy for me to slip on and off, sometimes I'm afraid it will slip right off, so I wear it really high on my wrists. I love the PM!!!
  8. I won't say my arms are very petite at all, but usually I prefer to wear my bangle more as a low arm cuff. It should be okay for a petite girl if you prefer it that way.

    This helps the problem of slippage and I don't seem to knock it around or bump it into anything this way.
  9. Thank you everyone! This does help. Now I just have to find one! :lol:
  10. I have both sizes and will post a pic on my very petite wrist tomorrow. The big cream one is fun for being OTT with t-shirt and jeans and I wear the little black one for evening. The newer ones do come in different radius so get a small one so it doesn't slip off. You will love it!
  11. you could do what i do with my bangles and wear it up ur arm so that it doesnt slide down... i think it would look hot in black if you were going out with a cute top... u dont HAVE to wear it on ur wrist.. just a thought if you were desperate for one... i have the same probs too.. small wrists :sad: so i had to find a diff way of wearing bangles
  12. Here is the GM and the ring in size small. I love mine! (dont mind my messy desk!)
  13. Luccibag that looks great on you, and you have petite wrists. Thats the pink right? Thats my favorite, I like the beige too. :love:
  14. Yes it is the pink. I love the beige and the black. Heck, I love em all!