Inclusion bracelet size

  1. I'm unfamiliar with the inclusion line or LV jewelry for that matter. I was looking at the inclusion bangles on eBay, and I know there's a PM and GM size, which I know relate to the thickness of the bangle. But a few of the auctions said the auction was for a certain size of the "PM" or "GM", like the small version of the PM or the medium version of the PM. But I don't see such sizes on eluxury for example. Is there such thing?
  2. I don't think pms or gms come in different sizes. Wheres rebecca? Shes an inclusion expert.
  3. Most of the PMs are in the thin sized bracelet but also included a 2.25" diameter PM and a 2.5" diameter when measure from the insides of the bracelet. Examples: Transparent, Pomme, Amarante came in both diameters (2.25" and 2.5").

    The black, beige, and framoise/berry were all in the 2.5" diameter PM size.
    (Actually, I'm not sure if berry was available in the 2.25" diameter PM size...)

    GM bracelet is the huge/thick inclusion bracelet (about an inch thick) but only comes in the 2.5" diameter: Transparent, Black, Beige, Pomme, Yellow and a Rose color.

    The new grey inclusion bracelet (not out yet) with silver inclusions/pearls will be in the PM and GM size thicknesses per the vuitton website. Not sure however if grey bracelet will have the 2.25" diameter for PM but it will definately have the 2.5" diamter.

    There was an older PM that was actually a little bit thicker than the thin PM but less thick than the GM bracelets. This in-between PM was in a Yellow and a Rose and these in-between size bracelets do not have the "LVs" floating inside the bracelet, they only have the flowers and crystals floating inside.

    All of the other types of inclusions for the small PM and the GM have LVs, flowers, crystals floating inside the bracelet except for the middle size PM.

    Hopefully, I got it right.... Wait for Rebecca to respond....
  4. I've never ordered from eluxury, but I think you probably need to call them directly to see what size PM they are offering... most likely it's the 2.50" diameter PM since that is the common bracelet. The 2.25" diameter is harder to come by....

    Good luck.
  5. Yup, this is correct and the PMs are the only ones with varying diameters; GMs only come in one diameter.
    And elux doesn't typically stock the smaller PM bangles, they're kind of hard to find. You'd need to have your closest store order one for you.