Inclusion Bracelet Query

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  1. Most bangles are too small for me. They never fit over my hands. I wear a medium in most gloves.

    How large around are the inclusion bracelets??
  2. ive got a small hand and they fit.:yes:
    i know that is absolutely no help to you, and i am sorry for that.:shrugs:
    but someone has to bump this to the top so it can be properly addressed.:idea:
    there's room to get it on and off just fine, and it's big once it is on my wrist.
  3. Okay, I measured around my hand, where my knuckles are (including the top part of my thumb), all around it is about 8", the smallest part of my wrist is about 5.5", and I have no trouble slipping my hand through the bracelet!
  4. They are quite generously sized I would say.
  5. Hmmmm let me go measure my hand

    YOu guys are great