Inclusion bracelet pics please

  1. Now after Elux doesn't have it anymore, I think I want this bracelet. I don't know which one the best for me. I like the look in GM because it has more gold LV inside.

    I have small wrist (almost 5.6").

    Can anyone share the pics wearing the bracelet ?PM and GM both colors

    Do you know the diameter for this bracelet? I always have problem with bangle in general.

    How much are the retail for PM and GM ?

    Thank you so much !!!
  2. Here is a pic of hardLVcore!'s bracelets:
  3. thanks Irene
  4. Here is my GM with the ring.
  5. Thanks Luccibag,looks great on you
    How much is the retail for GM?
  6. I believe the GM is $375ish?? I think when I bought it it was $360.
  7. Thank you!!
  8. I bought the GM on the weekend and it was $395 Canadian.
  9. Do you like it??
  10. I love it!!! My wrist is about the same size as yours, maybe slightly larger, and I don't think it is too big at all. I actually wore it the other day further up on my arm where it was tight, and it looked cute that way. They didn't have the PM, so I couldn't compare the two, but I think I would have still gone with the GM had they had both in stock. It is more fun, IMO.
  11. LOVE THE RING Luccibag!! I've never seen it on, now I want one!

    Here's my bracelet:

  12. Thanks blackbutterfly, looks great on you.
  13. oh I need to get me a GM bracelet in either the yellow or pink ... but now I can only get them on eBay :sad: Anyone want to see theirs :smile: HE HE
  14. I really want a GM bracelet in yellow, or a ring, but I never see them on eBay :sad:
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