inclusion bracelet in frambroise color on e-lux

  1. Bracelets are back. I wish I could afford it now but hope someone else here can grab em!
  2. ARRGH they always pop up when I am broke :sad:
  3. waaah. i need clear!
  4. ^ me too! i was this close to ordering the framboise, but decided not to... still gonna keep an eye out and hope a clear one will be in stock.
  5. The clear one is so much prettier than framboise IRL :heart:
  6. Don't know if you guys saw my prior post but I sent back a clear one to E-lux. I spoke with E-lux yesterday and they were still processing it. There should be 1 clear one in stock so maybe try to give them a call and tell them you know someone who ordered one but sent it back within the last week.

    Good luck ladies!