Inclusion Bracelet in Amarante

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  1. hope this wasn't posted before. :drool:


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  2. yeah and its in stock - I really want that but want to see what the colour look like first
  3. It's lovely!
  4. This thing is beautiful in the sunlight :smile:.
  5. I love this, but dont know if it would just fall off my wrist-i have tiny wrists(you know extra holes in watches etc)!
  6. Love it!!!
  7. That's so cute...I bet that color looks super good IRL. I want one!!!
  8. Beauuutiful!
  9. I love this color!
  10. Yeah this is in the shopping section.
    Anyway I really like it, I can't wait for my store to get them in.
  11. This would look gorgeous with the Sunset Boulevard :love:
  12. Love it cant wait to get mine
  13. can't wait to see it IRL! :nuts:

  14. same here.. i wish the inclusion bracelets do come in smaller size :smile:
  15. Very Pretty! .... can't wait to get one.