Incident :) at my store today

  1. I sent my son to his gym class and walked down the street to my H store. Our craftsman's back and we chatted. As it turned out, he wasn't away on vacation like what a SA told me several weeks ago. He was telling me he had gone to Paris because of a little 'problem' (I didn't probe further, just felt it was inappropriate to ask), followed by a trip to Hong Kong for a H event, and then to Bali (I think he said Bali?????) ... when the main door swung open, and a young girl (trendy and pretty, I must add) popped in, looked at my SA and asked "Excuse me, how do you pronounce the name of your brand?". My SA replied politely and this girl said thank you, turned her back to us, and walked out. Just before the door closed (it has slow closing mechanism), we overheard her shouting to someone/some people hiding outside the store, "It's 'AirMess' lah!"

    Craftsman, SA and I looked at one another and smiled.

    Oh, I saw my craftsman polishing a black croc agenda cover with a neutral coloured cream in a small jar, and it was shiny after that. :nuts: Whatever cream it was, it worked like a charm. If only I have it!
  2. Maybe she was an "AirHead"

    You should ask about the cream for the croc. I could use some on my croc.
  3. I asked! And he muttered something. He had the lid showing the brand on the facing down, and I didn't dare lift it to see it. :sweatdrop:
  4. HAHA, refreshing to know that there are some people who have yet to hear of H. I'm glad it hasn't infiltrated all the masses yet.

    Good luck locating the cream lol. My H uses windex on their counters! :yes:
  5. oh too funny. haha
  6. Yummy a croc agenda!
  7. LOL! Great story, thanks for sharing.
  8. LOL that was cute!
  9. Thank you for sharing this moment;)
  10. i love your cute story. i would have smiled too - i wonder if the cream was john lobbs or meltonian? i am afraid to put anything on croc at all but luckily it does not need anything yet, just a little outing soon! :yes:
  11. Cute incident, MrsS. I was once inside Takashimaya when someone announced over the PA "Will so and so please make your way to Her Mess now"
  12. Heheh sometimes I say ErrrrMass sometimes I say airmess.
  13. Someone once asked me, "Is that a Hurmmss bag you're carrying?"
    "Er..... Yes... It's Hermes actually...."
    "Wah, you are sooo lucky! I would like a Hurmmss bag also!!"
  14. I've heard "Hermis" too. Quite often in fact.
  15. DH teases me when I wear the bags out "Oh, are you taking your Hermies?" (ryhmes with Kermees) and then grins something wicked. :rolleyes: