Incident at Hermes

  1. I went to my Hermes store with a lovely PFer today. We went in to say hi to my SA and spotted a gorgeous ebene evergrain 35 cm Birkin with gold hardware. My SA spotted us and immediately walked over to us when a lady and her daughter caught her and asked to see the Birkin. Fortunately, I didn't want the bag (I just got a havane swift 2 months ago), so we weren't too bummed. The lady had a black Birkin with her and was debating on buying the ebene. She had wanted to pay by check, but lost her checkbook. She left her young daughter (she must've been younger than 10) with us and my SA. While we stood there with the Birkin, a man swoops in, takes the Birkin to the mirror to look at himself with it, and in 5 seconds, declares he'll take it and hands my SA his cc! The lady comes back and chews out my SA, who I know feels bad and explains that the lady had not told her she wanted the bag for sure and can't hold a Birkin, especially one on the shelf. I see the managers come out and talk to them. I give my SA a hug and tell her she'll be fine.
  2. :amazed:
  3. Boy, it's dog eat dog in H-land
  4. I'm trying to comprehend... So the lady left her daughter there to go get her check book? If so, it sounds like she wanted the bag. From the way it sounds, it seems like the SA should have asked the lady for sure if she wanted the bag before she left and then held it for her. I'm thinking that maybe the lady was so excited about the pending purchase that she forgot to make her intentions clear ??
  5. YIKES! I have to empathize with the woman---I'm assuming she left to go look for her checkbook and probably thought that implied she wanted to hold it. What a bummer!
  6. I agree that it was clear she wanted to buy it. WHy else would she have left her daughter to get her checkbook?
  7. wow, i wasn't there, of course, but maybe the SA could have told him that the bag was on hold? (edit: nevermind, i see they can't "hold" things on the shelf) i guess there were a lot of crossed wires. i find it kind of odd the lady left her daughter there with a couple of strangers, though, that's the weirdest thing!

    i guess the lesson is, pay by CC if you can! also, TELL the SA it's YOURS.

    still, when the lady went to get the checkbook, that implies intent to buy.

    well, i'm not too bummed for the lady cos it sounds like she kind of swiped it from you even though you didn't really want it, princess. so what did the managers say/do?
  8. Agreed. And if the SA was unsure, she should have waited until the woman came back to verify.
  9. I agree too. The sa should have said there is a lady looking at it and she went to get the checkbook. The man would have waiting to see if she was willing to take it if he was so eager to swoop in after it.

    I would have been furious if I were that woman who wanted it.
  10. Yep! I would be pissed! I don't know anything about the SA, but wonder if the fact that it was a man sweeping in intimidated her, I notice that a lot when shopping hrumphhh!!!
  11. eeks! How hard is it to say to the SA "AHHH. I love it, I am running to the car to get my checkbook and I will be back. Little daughter hold this, don't drop it! and take off running to the car....":sweatdrop: :shrugs:
  12. ^that's cute. surely the man wouldn't have grabbed it from the little girl?

    also, i don't know why but the mental picture of the SA, the llittle girl, and princess all standing there by the birkin and this random crazy guy grabbing it is amusing.
  13. Its definitely survival of the fittest, oh boy was that a bad time to lose a check book.
  14. then that man needs some manners........ and leticia baldridge manners book ha ha
  15. I would be really really upset, too! WOW! What an incident!!!!!!