Incase you were wondering how the Atlantic color compares...

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  1. here are pics of my Atlantic Peyton and my Atlantic XL Lily.

    The Peyton appears more green and the Lily appears more blue. Given the fact that the Lily is made of pebbled leather, that could also make the dye take on a different look. Or, COACH could have a slightly different recipe this time for the color Atlantic.

    Anyway, it's a gorgeous color, and if you missed/wanted the Atlantic XL Lily, Peyton would be a very good option!

    Style #12791 @ $798, $598.50 on PCE! Other leather colors available are Fuchsia, White, Gunmetal metallic, Saddle & Green.

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  2. Hmmm the lily looks really close in color to my teal Lindsay satchel. And the peyton looks like my teal noelle? I think they're called, shoes.
  3. I love them both!
  4. I think you're right about the pebbled leather making it a little darker, but they are both lovely shades of blue.
  5. :girlsigh: That Lily does it to me every time.
  6. I love the Lily too, yummy!!
  7. Wow, both gorgeous bags!
  8. I have decided that you like the peyton way more than the lily and you are going to donate the lily to me. How sweet of you!!

  9. You'll be first on the donation list!:tup:
  10. Love both those bags, but I would love a lily even more! ;)
  11. That Atlantic Lily is just TO DIE FOR!
  12. During the PCE in in March I went to my Coach store and ordered the Peyton in Atlantic blue. One of the SA's had shown me her Lily in Atlantic Blue several months ago and I was lusting after the color. The bag came and since it was a Birthday gift for me-My birthday was yesterday, I opened up the packaging and they sent me the green bag instead. I already have the large green Sabrina-so of course I am going back to the store this weekend. Since you have the AB Peyton and the Lily, do you like the color of the Peyton? I don't have a blue spring bag and I thought the unique color of the peyton would work. PLEASE give me some advice!!

  13. wow, neat :smile: Thanks for sharing, I am so jealous of your Lily! :biggrin:
  14. Those are so gorgeous!
  15. Oh yes, that Lily is gorgeous!!!