incase you missed MJ on "the hills" last night, here a clip from the show!

  1. Aww, he was adorable! Lauren didn't look very star-struck. She played it very cool.

    Thanks for posting this clip tuffcookie!:flowers:
  2. she could have stood up to shake his hand. thought that was rude.
  3. ^^I know! Like I said in the other thread, Marc was cute & playful with her and she acted sort of indifferent. :shrugs:
  4. it shows a Venetia Scott as a stylist at Marc Jacobs, do you suppose the Venetia bag was named after her?
  5. ^ Yes, it was. :yes:
  6. haha, yeah.. she didn't seem to care very much when she met marc!
  7. That was my first time seeing a clip of Marc and he is so not what I expected! Thanks for sharing! I would never have seen this otherwise.
  8. ^ no problem :smile:
  9. I'm sooo in love w/ the Black Halo Jackie O' Dress!
  10. OH MY GOSH!
    when i watched that show this past week i nearly had a heartattack!!!!!
    but yeah i agree lauren didnt seem too excited about meeting him...
    BUT when she got back to la and she was telling people she met him, she was all.. excited.. i dont understand :rolleyes:
    still.... marc jacobs = love :smile:
  11. she was probably nervous..trying not to act like a fangirl lol
  12. I think what we have to remember is that they could have done that scene FIFTY times. It's supposed to be a reality show but we all know it's at least partially scripted. They also could have edited it to make it LOOK like she wasn't excited.
  13. Yeah, probably. I would have said "Marc! Oh my gawd I love you soo much", hugged him, and he would have ran!