Incase anyone is looking for.........

  1. Certain Coach items I thought I'd give you a heads up on what at my Macys in Rancho Cucamonga Ca.
    They had:
    A Legacy Mandy in whiskey, brown Ali, and a whiskey shoulder.
    A Punch sig. stripe tote.
    A baby blue sig. stripe tote along with lots of multistripe items
    A large Chocolate sig. stripe shoulder tote
    tons of wristlets, keyfobs and other bags of the signature collection.:smile:
    Hope this could help if any of you are looking.:heart:
  2. LOL LOL - after spending almost 2 hours with my Macy's SA, we found the brown Ali at that store yesterday! The Macy's SA had never done a card ship transaction before and it took her 3 tries to get it right. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Did you happen to see a legacy wristlet in khaki sig with white leather trim? LOL
  4. honestely there were too many wristlets for me to remember exactly.:shame:
  5. Ranskimmi your from Rancho Cucamonga?
    That's where I grew up!!!
  6. Geez. I just spent the last half hour on the phone with, Macy's By Mail, Macy's in Tulsa, Macy's in Dallas, and I STILL don't have an order. I am totally getting the runaround, and then Dallas disconnected me while the guy was looking for my bag. So I called back, and it said "that department is busy, try back later"...called back again, and it just rang and rang. Oh, AND the extension they told me doesn't work. I'm beginning to not want the :censor: bag at this point. Ugh! I hate Macy's. :hysteric:

    Sorry...I will try this store and see if I have better luck.
  7. I'm looking for a gold Carly in CA.
  8. This is how I feel after calling over a dozen stores today for those flip flops!
    But you've all been so helpful and the stores are probably so busy!