INBOUND US customs?

  1. I am a US resident and am thinking of purchasing a used item for $500 from an eBay seller based in the UK (it's rebeccalou28, in case anyone is familiar w/ her). Does anyone have experiences s/he can share regarding how much duty I should expect to pay? Obviously if customs duties are going to wipe out the discount below retail than I'd rather just buy new from the store (the item retails for about $700). TIA!
  2. I've purchased a couple of things from RebeccaLou28, but I'm in UK. I did send my mom a brand-new Longchamp "Annie" that was about $430, and declared it in pounds on the customs form. To date, there has not been any customs bill and there was no charge to her when it came in. I think it's hit or miss.

    Of course, if you buy retail in NYC you'd have to pay sales tax anyway, right?

    Good luck!