'Inbound into Customs' delays shipping?

  1. I sent an item Express Courier International from AU to US.

    It says that it is INBOUND INTO CUSTOMS and has been over 1.5 days now.

    I'm a bit scared that something is wrong and they will open the package or apply taxes for the buyer.

    Does anyone know who I can contact or if this could be a result of the postal strike?

  2. Áre u checking the USPS tracking and not Austpost, as Austpost is slower with the updates once it gets to the US??

    so, dont worry..It might be in the process of being re-directed to a city closer to the buyer....Plus, since they update the system at night, u might have to wait a bit longer due to the time differences
  3. I am checking both... USPS has been down for about 3 hours now so hopefully its updating...
  4. I heard that - some of the girls in the JC forum purchased bags from the UK since thats where JC is and all their bags are on hold to in customs. Maybe is becaiuse of the watersnake on the purses. :confused1:
  5. Ohh...I keep my fingers crossed, hope you get good news soon!!!!!
  6. Give it time. International shipping is very slow. As of date I have lost nothing via international shipping.

    I had one item take three months to arrive to the buyers location! :wtf:
  7. I just woke up after stressing all night about customs taking it and - its BEEN RELEASED!!! It was with customs for approx 2.5 days which I would think a little excessive for an express courier shipment?

    Who cares - its free!!!!!
  8. Please help me! My mom shipped some shirts from peru, is a big package almost 30 lbs in the usps website say inbounf into customs but is almost 2 weeks that still there please let me know what i have to fo or what happen
  9. Customs does get a bit backed up OP so I don't think 2.5 days is excessive. Anyway, your package cleared and that's cause for celebration!
  10. I once got something from china and it took 3 days in customs, but was finally released and everything was fine. If it takes more than 2 or 3 days, call post office.
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