Inauguration sale!

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  1. I just got an e-mail from Ben about a couple of things... but I thought this part might interest all of you (they're also re-launching the YouTube contest, extending it and changing the rules so keep your eyes peeled for that)...

    P.S. we are about to launch one last sale, in honor of Obama's
    inauguration, 50% off everything, inclusive of sale items, with code
    PRESIDENT at checkout.
  2. :faint:
  3. Say what? So that KP that I just bought, I could have had it for 50% off of 163??
  4. I'm not sure any more specific details... but if I hear more I'll let you guys know ASAP!
  5. Ha, you never know with HH pricing; conceivably the "sale" price could go up that day and then you would get 50% off whatever the new sale price is.
  6. Do you know when it starts, because it doesn't worky right now. I'm guessing the 20th??
  7. I don't know when it starts, the e-mail was primarily focused on the YouTube contest so the sale was just an afterthought. But this way I figured you guys have some advance warning in case you've been eyeing anything...
  8. What? This is unbelievable!
  9. I just used the discount for the GZ Lorca I've been wanting (already on sale) and the GZ clutch wallet. I'm new to HH and just got my first Havana which I love - can't wait for the new members of my collection to get here too!
  10. The sale page is starting to change to 50% off of the old sale price, but if you hit the item, it goes back the old sale price. I'm mad!!
  11. Info on sale:

    Attached Files:

  12. I just emailed HH, to see if I can get an adjustment. I'm kinda POed. I can't return it.
  13. What are the new rules? are they sending that in a separate email?
  14. #14 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
  15. Hmm, the code isn't working for me. It says it starts today. :confused1: